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Nothing can emulate nature’s creativity. Because real stone is quarried from the earth and not man made, it is improbable to ever find exactly matching tiles or slabs. Many things affect the ultimate graining and coloration of real stone including underground springs, mineral deposits, earth shifts, temperature, natural solutions in the earth, and pressure these elements receive over time.
Visual impression.It is easy to detect when you are closed to the artificial stone,same pattern piece, coarse stone vein,etc.Real stone will show the vivid looking,and natural surface.
Durablibity. Artificial stone is made of grout and some chemic additive it will depigmentize and fall off through years of use. But REAL STONE,just as the Parthenon, Stonehenge, and the Pyramids have lasted for centuries, you too can set your legacy in stone. Frame it permanently with the timeless personal touch that only comes from using Real Stone. When you build genuinely, you capture a visual link to those buildings and monuments that carry a great deal of meaning because people look to them for history, tradition, and to tell the stories of mankind through the ages.
Ecofriendly. What’s more earth friendly than the earth itself? Real Stone is non-toxic and lasts a lifetime. No chemicals go into its quarrying or fabricating. It is pure, and therefore void of any foreign substance that might be harmful to the earth or to your health. Using Real Stone for your projects shows that you care about the environment and consciously strive to protect it.
Maintenance. Real Stone ages beautifully. Fears you may have about accidentally ruining it are really unnecessary. Certainly, performing proper care and maintenance is prudent, but unlike almost every other building material, stone does not decay. Rather, its natural beauty only enhances through years of use.
LUXROC is pacemaker and innovator in stone industry, especially in modular natural stone system…With the innovative idea about stone product, LUXROC can be seemed as a compound of fashion and classicality. This development theory is to play a role as initiator in the stone area. 
We focus on R&D. LUXROC hires the senior designers and architects consultant, and we always working for the creation and improvement in order to guide the fashion trend of this area. This is also a strategy of LUXROC which can help us to always win in the brutal market replica competition.
The LUXROC products have been sold to 30 countries and regions around the world such as the European countries (Russia, French, Poland, Germany, Italy, etc.), the United States, Japan, New Zealand and Australia. We are suppling wall panel, pavers, paving matting, loose stone, mosaic etc and pride ourselves on new product development based on quality and variety. If you come into the product line of LUXROC, you will feel like reaching the real New Stone Age. Mammoth is coming to you…
To give an opportunity to LUXROC and it will give you surprises back, your trust and satisfaction is always be our mission.